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Financing is one of the most essential steps on the way to the log building of your dreams, whether it’s a garden sauna, log cabin, or extra living space for your cottage. Salvos offers two types of financing options in collaboration with its partners: an unsecured loan and a secured loan. The unsecured loan is intended for smaller purchases, while the secured loan is intended for larger purchases.


Flexible Salvos Financing without securities – you will receive the loan decision right away. We will manufacture your building at our production plant. With Salvos Financing, you can pay the building only after it has been delivered. You can pay off the loan with a sum of
your choice. However, the minimum payment is always 1.2% of the loan. For example: for a loan of 10,000 euros, the minimum monthly payment is €120 + service fee. The maximum loan amount is €50,000. For more details and the terms and conditions of the loan, please contact your Salvos salesperson. OP-Pohjola is our partner for smaller loans. Campaign: Order now – pay 3 months after your building has been finished. 0% interest. You will have
a grace period of 3 months, during which you do not need to pay interest or part payments. After the grace period, you may pay the product in full without any extra cost, or pay it off monthly in smaller sums. Contact us for more details!


With a Nordea bank loan, realising the log building of your dreams could not be easier. The Salvos concept is a safe choice for customers since the cost of construction is determined in advance. Thanks to this, the security value of a prefab cabin can be up to 75% of the purchase price, compared to the normal security value of 40–60%. You can secure the remaining 25% of the loan with other securities, which is why you may not need any extra cash for the log building of your dreams. The loan can be paid off in smaller instalments with an inexpensive interest and with a payment term of up to 25 years. For more details, please contact us, and we will refer you to the Salvos/Nordea sales team.

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