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Our story

Family business


The founder of Salvos, Eino Koskelo, was born in Siikalatva, in the village of Lamu, in Kytölä in the 1950s. Already as a young boy Eino was interested in the qualities of wood and searched for a suitable ice hockey stick for yard games from the forest. Around the same time a local carpenter, Eino Juhola, created anything from wood for the villagers: tubs, gunstocks, and other utensils. In the 1980s Eino Koskelo gave up on farming. Eino Juhola took him under his wing to build outdoor saunas and cabins – the master and the apprentice met.

Soon Eino Koskelo started building saunas, modelling them on the sauna his grandfather built in the 1930s. In addition, granaries, cabins, machine sheds, and detached houses were completed according to the wishes of the customers. As the business grew, Eino got his two eldest sons to help. Soon the business also employed about ten workers.


It was January 2008 and not all the employees had work to do. One of Eino’s strongest principles “a worker is entitled to his living” was the most important step towards manufacturing. At first some of the workers were chopping firewood for Eino, on a full salary, of course. Once the firewood was chopped, Eino fetched the old logs from lake shore with his tractor. He wanted to teach his employees how to build an orthodox, high-quality outdoor sauna, just like Eino Juhola had once taught him. They built three saunas in total, all of them with an open porch. They had to be sold for the company to be able to pay the well-deserved salary to its employees. And just like that, by accident, the social responsibility and caring for its workers became the true success story of Salvos. It didn’t take long for Eino to design the first sauna models and the sales begun. The changing weather conditions, long journeys to work, and delivering goods on site were no longer a hindrance, the log buildings could be built in the factory no matter what time of year or weather conditions outside.


The business grew rapidly and the demand for turnkey log saunas was high, so already in year 2010 the sauna business was separated from the construction business. The name chosen was Salvos, because what could better describe log construction than one of its working stages: notching the logs (salvos in Finnish). At the same time the service was expanded to building foundations and bases as part of the delivery concept. This enabled even better and more professional service for the clientele. The guidelines for ready to use, modular log construction were set and the determined work towards market leadership could begin.


Almost 200 ready to use, turnkey log buildings were delivered within two years. The buildings that were built completely ready inside the factory were outdoor saunas, sleeping granaries, and sauna cabins. The market was asking for bigger log cabins and it was time for the next challenge. How are we going to be able to serve customers nationwide and at the same time create a cost-effective operations model for the customer? How do you build a log cabin inside the factory as ready as it can be and keep the need for installations on site at a minimum? As Eino and his team were tackling these questions, the first ready to use, modular log cabin was created. Kitchens, fireplaces, electrifications, and other additional equipment were installed in the factory and the log modules were joined together on the customer’s site. The continuous development of operations has enabled that these days, building a turnkey cabin on site takes only around a week!


All log buildings are available in turnkey, weather-protected and package delivery, out of which the most popular one is the turnkey option. In every delivery option, your own log dream is designed together using hundreds of idea models. The level of equipment and the extent of your delivery content can be chosen and tailored to your needs with the help of a customer-centered, Salvos sales representative. It is possible to explore the Salvos buildings in four Salvos showrooms which are located in Espoo, Lahti, Tampere, and Jyväskylä. In addition, you can also come and see how the buildings are made at the Salvos factory. The log factory is located in North Ostrobothnia, in Pyhäntä where around 300 log buildings are made each year.


It was clear from the beginning what the old master carpenter had taught Eino when he first started: quality before anything else and the traditional way of building should be respected. These principles have become part of the foundation that supports Salvos. Structures and material choices have been designed so that they will last through generations.


Log constructions withstand extreme temperature variations and they have excellent indoor air due to the breathability of lumber. There are vast indoor air problems in Finland and such problems don’t exist in log buildings. That is why log is the most rapidly growing building material in detached houses as well as in recreational construction. The log buildings of Salvos are manufactured inside our factory. The next-door district heating plant uses all the wood waste from construction to heat up detached houses amongst other things. Plastic, metal, and cardboard waste are sorted already in the factory and sent to recycling. After all the recycling, we have noticed that daily meals create more residual waste than the factory itself. Using large quantities of wood is already an eco-friendly act in itself. Environmental issues are close to our hearts at Salvos. Including the longevity of our buildings, centralised logistics, and the use of large quantities of wood guarantee environmentally friendly operations. We have our roots in the countryside, close to nature, and we want that, in addition, to all the buildings we deliver, also nature lasts through generations in top condition.


Responsibility is part of our daily operations in the family business Salvos. There’s responsibility for customers, partners, environment amongst other things and in addition there’s the responsibility to society. But before anything else, we are responsible for our workers and their families. When our employees are feeling well and everything is functioning at home, it shows to customers in the different stages of operations. A responsible operator is a reliable partner that is easy to work with.


Respect is one of the main values of Salvos. By reading the whole story, you will understand what we mean by that.


“We want the log dream to be a pleasant and effortless experience for our customers in its whole. That’s why we are constantly evolving our operations and feel passionate about it. We try our hardest and see where it gets us. In the optimal situation, all the customer needs to worry about is the joy of paying the bills.” Joni Koskelo, CEO, Salvos Finland Oy.


We want to welcome you to visit our factory – to admire how Europe’s most modern and cost-effective log factory completes unique buildings for our customers in two shifts.

Salvos Finland Oy

Salvos Finland Oy consists of three areas of business: The Salvos product family, the Pihatukku product family, and the Lapelland product family.

Salvos product family: Recreational log constructions. Visit

Pihatukku product family: Online store that sells different kinds of recreational products and services to your home, yard, and cabin. Visit

Lapelland product family: Spa centres, sauna and cabin trailers constructed on mobile carriages. Visit


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